PLA PTL02 Wheeled Tank Destroyer 82485

The proportional model:1:35
Browse the number:3626

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Product introduction:

The PTL-02 wheeled assault gun system was based on the ZSL-92 wheeled armoured vehicle, integrated with matured weapon technologies including the Type 86 100mm towed anti-tank gun and the Type 88 MBT. The vehicle was designed to engage armoured vehicles, bunkers, fortifications, and other stationary or moved targets. The PTL-02 has been fielded along with the ZSL-92 IFV and ZSL-92A APC in the PLA ‘rapid reaction’ wheeled mechanised infantry troops.

The PTL-02 is powered by a  BF8L413F 4-stroke, 8-cylinder, turbo-charged, air-cooled diesel engine with a standard power of 320hp. The vehicle uses a mechanical gear box, with 9 forward and 1 reverse gears. Power assisted steering, independent suspension, and central inflating system are fitted as standard. However, the PTL02 lacks the two rear propellers found on the ZSL92, which suggests that the gun system is not amphibious.

Item No     82485
Item Name     PLA PTL02 Wheeled Tank Destroyer
Bar Code     6939319224859
Scale     1:35
Item Type     Static kit
Model Dimension     Length:225 mm   Width: 81.5mm
Total Plastic Parts     270+
Total Sprues     9 sprues , upper hull , lower hull , turret and tires
Chromeplate Parts     na
Resin Parts     na
Metal Parts     na
Photo Etched Parts     1 piece
Film Accessory     na
Released Date     2012-08
More Features The kit consists of  over 270 parts
- Multi-directional slide moulded lower hull,upper hull and turret
- The crew entry door can be fixed in the open or closed position.
- Rubber tires have very good details
- Photo-etched parts included