Russian Navy Alfa Class SSN 83528

The proportional model:1:350
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Product introduction:

Soviet Navy Alfa class Submarine

     The Soviet Union/Russian Navy Project 705 (Лира/Lira, “Lyre”) was a submarine class of hunter/killer nuclear powered vessels (abbreviated PLA: Podvodnaya lodka atomnaya, nuclear submarine). The class is also known by the NATO reporting name of Alfa. They were the fastest and deepest diving class of military submarines built, with only the prototype K-278 Komsomolets (NATO “Mike” class) exceeding in crush depth and the prototype K-222 (NATO “Papa” class) exceeding in submerged speed.

Item No     83528
Item Name     Russian Navy Alfa Class SSN
Bar Code     6939319235282
Scale     1:350
Item Type     Static kit
Model Dimension     Length: 232.5mm   Beam:27.1 mm
Total Plastic Parts     30+
Total Sprues     1 sprue , upper hull , lower hull and stand
Camouflage Scheme     Russian Navy Alfa Class SSN
Photo Etched Parts     1 piece
Released Date     2012-07
More Features The kit consists of  over 30 parts , includes over 10  Photo etched parts
- Photo Etched parts for nameplate and propeller etc.
- contains display stand