ZSL-92B IFV 82456

The proportional model:1:35
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Product introduction:
      The ZSL-92 IFV variant has a crew of three (driver, commander, and gunner) and carries nine infantry soldiers in its troop compartment. The main armament is a ZPT90 25mm automatic cannon mounted on a one-man turret. The cannon has a full 360 ° traverse with an elevation of -8 ° ~ 55 °.Secondary weapon is a coaxial 7.62mm Type 86 machine gun with 1,000 rounds. A four-barrel 76mm smoke grenade launcher is fitted on either side of the turret. 

      Recently an improved variant of the ZSL92 IFV has been spotted. This variant is armed with a 30mm cannon turret.

Item No    82456
Item Name    ZSL-92B IFV
Bar Code    6939319224569
Scale    1:35
Item Type    Static kit
Model Dimension    Length: 192.19mm   Width: 81.3mm   Height: mm
Total Plastic Parts    226pcs
Total Sprues    5 sprues, upper hull, lower hull and 6 tires
Chromeplate Parts    n/a
Camouflage Scheme    PLA
Resin Parts    n/a
Metal Parts    n/a
Photo Etched Parts    1piece
Film Accessory    n/a
Released Date    2010-07
More Features - Two-directional slide moulded lower hull and upper hull
 - The crew entry door can be fixed in the open or closed position.
 - The photo-etched fret