Eurocopter EC-665 Tiger UHT Attack helicopter 87214

The proportional model:1:72
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Product introduction:
      The Eurocopter Tiger is an attack helicopter manufactured by the Eurocopter Group. In Germany it is known as the EC-665,and in France it is called the PAH-2.In 1984 the French and German governments issued a requirement for an advanced multi-role battlefield helicopter, program beginning late. The EUROCOPTER Group, owned 70% by AEROSPATIALE France and 30% by Daimler Aerospace (DASA) of Germany, Due to high costs, the program was canceled in 1986, but was relaunched during 1987. Subsequently, in November 1989, Eurocopter received a contract to build 5 prototypes. Three were to be unarmed testbeds and the other two armed prototypes: one for the German anti-tank variant and the other for the French escort helicopter variant.
Item No    87214
Item Name    Eurocopter EC-665 Tiger UHT Attack helicopter
Bar Code    6939319272140
Scale    1:72
Item Type    Static kit
Model Dimension    Length: 193mm  Rotor diameter: 179.3mm  Height: 72
Total Plastic Parts    71pcs  
Total Sprues    3pcs
Chromeplate Parts    n/a
Camouflage Scheme Germany Army EC-665 Tiger UHT. 74/08. ●Germany - Army EC-665 Tiger UHT. 98/26.
Resin Parts    n/a
Metal Parts    n/a
Photo Etched Parts    n/a
Film Accessory    n/a
Released Date    n/a
More Features    n/a