Iwo Jima LHD-7 83408

The proportional model:1:700
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Product introduction:

    "Iwo Jima" is the "Wasp" class amphibious assault ship in the first seven, in June 2001 in service. , 257.3 meters long, 34 meters wide, with a displacement 40,500 tons, the tonnage of the largest number of the largest amphibious assault ships fly the world today. The ship is equipped with hovercraft and landing craft mechanized., And equipped with a V-22 "Osprey", AH-1Z and AV-8B aircraft. In addition to integrated air and sea delivery capability, but also that the landing force to provide air support. In addition to conventional combat missions, "Iwo Jima" was also with the U.S. aircraft carrier battle groups or alternative maritime control and command tasks.

Item No     83408
Item Name     Iwo Jima LHD-7
Bar Code     6939319234087
Scale     1:700
Item Type     Static kit
Model Dimension     Length: 371.5mm   Beam:89.5 mm
Total Plastic Parts     610+
Total Sprues     36 sprues , lower hull , upper hull , deck and stand
Chromeplate Parts     n/a
Resin Parts     n/a
Metal Parts     n/a
Photo Etched Parts     3 pcs
Film Accessory     n/a
Released Date     2014-04
More Features     -  Detailed Flight Deck is a single piece casting
-  US Marine Assault Vehicles :
    LCAC Hovercraft×2 and LCU Landing Craft×2
-  Aircraft and Helicopters:
    AV-8B Harrier×2
    MV-22 Osprey×4AH-1W Cobra×2SH-60F×2
-  3 pieces of Photo-Etched detailing parts  for aisle
radar parts etc.