PLAN Type 035 Ming Class Submarine 83517

The proportional model:1:350
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Product introduction:

     The Type 035 (export name: ES5; NATO reporting name: Ming class) was PRC’s first independently developed diesel-electric submarine, based on the 1950s-era Soviet Romeo class design with some modifications. A total of 21 submarines in three variants have been built since the early 1970s, with 18 still remaining in operational service with the PLA Navy today. The latest Type 035G features improved fire control system and much reduced acoustic signature. The last boat of the class was commissioned in 2001.

     Construction of the first Type 035 began in October 1969 at Wuhan Shipyard in central China. The boat was launched in July 1971 and entered service with the PLA Navy in April 1974.There are at least four known variants of the Type 035. The first three boats (hull 232, 233 and an unidentified boat) built between 1969 and 1979 are ES5C. They are said to be trouble-prone and were retired in the 1980s. After the submarine received its national design certificate in 1983, the production resumed in 1987 in the improved Type 035G (ES5D/E), with a total of 12 boats (hull 342, 352~354, 356~363) built between 1988~1995. In the late 1990s, the Type 035 production line was re-opened due to the delay in the development of the new-generation Type 039. An additional 6 boats (hull 305~310) in the improved Type 035B variant were built between 1997 and 2001.

Item No     83517
Item Name     PLAN Type 035 Ming Class Submarine
Bar Code     6939319235176
Scale     1:350
Item Type     Static kit
Model Dimension     Length: 217.1mm   Beam:21.7 mm
Total Plastic Parts     30+pcs
Total Sprues     2sprues and stand
Chromeplate Parts     n/a
Camouflage Scheme     PLA Navy
Resin Parts     n/a
Metal Parts     n/a
Photo Etched Parts     1picec
Film Accessory     n/a
Released Date     2011-12
More Features The kit consists of  over 30  parts ,includes 9 Photo etched parts
- Photo Etched parts for nameplate , propeller and handrail etc.