DKM Navy Type lX-C U-Boat 83508

The proportional model:1:350
Browse the number:8138

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Product introduction:

     A further development of type IXB with storage for additional 43 tons of fuel which gave them increased range up to 13400 nautical miles at 10 knots. These series omitted the control room periscope leaving the boats with two tower scopes.As mine-layers they could carry 44 TMA or 66 TMB mines. Many of the IXC boats, U-162 through 170 and U-505 through 550 (35 boats), were not fitted for mine operations.

Item No    83508
Item Name    DKM Navy Type lX-C U-Boat
Bar Code    6939319235084
Scale    1:350
Item Type    Static kit
Model Dimension    Length: 219mm   Beam: 19mm
Total Plastic Parts    43pcs
Total Sprues    2 sprue, upper hull and lower hull
Chromeplate Parts    n/a
Camouflage Scheme    German Navy
Resin Parts    n/a
Metal Parts    n/a
Photo Etched Parts    2pcs
Film Accessory    n/a
Released Date    2010-04
More Features The kit consists of  28 parts in light grey plastic,15 Photo etched parts
- Photo Etched parts for handrails and stand.