U.S M4A1 76(W) TANK 84801

The proportional model:1:48
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Product introduction:
       The designation M 4A 1 was applied to the M4 medium series to use an one-piece cast hull with a distinctive round shape. The up gunned M 4A 1 to mount an 76mm M1 high velocity gun and a T23 turret was different from the early M 4A 1 hulls as the hull front now spots two large hatches for the driver and the co-driver. The tank also had wet storage protection for the ammunitions hence the designation with the “W”. At first these tanks were not welcomed by the troops but they were used with success in the Operation Cobra following the D-Day invasion.            The very early M 4A 1 (76)W had some minor differences to the later standard type. The kit can build to depict these early machines.
Item No    84801
Item Name    U.S M4A1 76(W) TANK
Bar Code    6939319248015
Scale    1:48
Item Type    Static kit
Model Brief    Length: 148.7mm    Width: 56.4mm    Height: 64.8mm
Total Parts    152 pcs
Metal Parts    n/a
Photo Etched Parts    One sheet 
Total Sprues    6 pcs
Camouflage Scheme    US Army 
Released Date    n/a
More Features    n/a