Russian Navy Oscar II class submarine 87021

The proportional model:1/700
Browse the number:8569

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Product introduction:

       The Oscar II nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine, which displaces more than 24,000 tons when under water, is one of Russia's largest and most capable submarines. The submarine is equipped with 24 SS-N-19 cruise missiles with a range of 550km . The missiles could be launched while the submarine is submerged. The torpedo tubes fire both torpedoes and shorter range anti-ship missiles. 11 of the Oscar II submarines were built between 1985 and 1999. Three have been decommissioned and one, the Kursk , sank. Two Oscar II submarines are active with the Northern Fleet and five with the Pacific Fleet.

Item No    87021
Item Name    Russian Navy Oscar II class submarine
Bar Code    6939319270214
Scale    1/700
Item Type    Static kit
Model Dimension    Length:220mm   Wide: 39mm   Height::36.6mm
Total Plastic Parts    14pcs
Total Sprues    one sprue, uppper hull, lower hull, stand
Camouflage Scheme    Russian Navy K-141 Kursk
Released Date    2008-03
More Features Slide moulded one piece top and lower hulls and silk screen printing name plate stand