USS BALAO SS-285 87011

The proportional model:1:700
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Product introduction:

       The Balao (SS-285) class was conceived as an improved Gato (SS-212) class submarine. Balao introduced several new concepts to the submarine force when she was commissioned in 1943. The most important of these being the thicker pressure hull, using 7/8" high tensile steel plates rather than the 5/8" plate used in the earlier Gato class. Improvements in hull construction increased the test depth of this class to 400-feet as opposed to 350-feet in the Gato class and fuel capacity was significantly increased which improved patrol radius. Submerged endurance was 48 hours at 2 knots. Cruising range was almost 10,000 sea miles on the surface at 10 knots with 116,000 gallons of diesel fuel. Patrol duration was 75 days.

Item No    87011
Item Name    USS BALAO SS-285
Bar Code    6939319270115
Scale    1:700
Item Type    Static kit
Model Dimension    Length: 135.74mm   Beam: 11.18mm
Total Plastic Parts    13Pcs
Total Sprues    3 sprues, upper hull, stand
Camouflage Scheme    USS Balao off the Mare Island Yard, 25 October 1944
Released Date    2008-01
More Features Slide moulded one piece top hull, and 
silk screen printing name plate stand.