German Pz.Kpfw KV-2 754(r) tank 84819

The proportional model:1:48
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Product introduction:

      When KV-1 type1941 at prodution , KV-2 ( also called KV-2 type1941 ) also put into production at the same time. The character of KV-2 is the shape of turret. Like a big box, hextangulal cylindical shaped armed with 152mm cannon. KV-II, which was seized by Germany troops keeped original armament, only add Pz. III/IV command capula,was assigned z..b.v.combat grope for battle.

Item No    84819
Item Name    German Pz.Kpfw KV-2 754(r) tank
Bar Code    6939319248190
Scale    1:48
Item Type    Static kit
Model Brief    Length:145 mm   Width:79 mm   Height:58 mm
Total Parts    257pcs
Metal Parts    Brass cable, brass wire
Photo Etched Parts    One sheet for bracket
Total Sprues    8pcs sprues, lower hull
Camouflage Scheme    German Army in three colour grey/sand/green camouflage
Released Date    2007-09
More Features The kit consists of  257 parts in light grey plastic, a length of copper wire for the tow cables, one sheet PE parts for  bracket,the pre-formed tr