USS Ticonderoga CG-47 82501

The proportional model:1:1250
Browse the number:7894

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Product introduction:

        The Ticonderoga class, was  initially designated as a  Guided Missile Destroyer, but  was redesignated as a Guided  Missile Cruiser in January  1980. The Ticonderoga class  was the first surface  combatant ships equipped with  the AEGIS Weapons System, the  most sophisticated air  defense system in the world.  She has vertical launch  systems which permit them to  carry and launch significant  numbers of TOMAHAWK precision  strike cruise missiles  against targets of military  importance deep in enemy  territory. This land attack  capability, coupled to their  AEGIS anti-air missile  systems, AN/SQQ-89 Undersea  Warfare system and  sophisticated C4ISR suite,  make the ship the most  powerful surface combatant in  service with any navy.

Item No    82501
Item Name    USS Ticonderoga CG-47
Bar Code    6939319225016
Scale    1:1250
Item Type    Static kit
Model Brief    Length:137.7 mm   Width:15 mm   Height: mm
Total Parts    35
Total Sprues    4pcs sprues, lower hull, stand, bridge
Camouflage Scheme    United States Navy
Released Date    2007-07
More Features    with display stand and name plate in silk-screen